What's New in DataCAD 19?

DataCAD Subscription Edition Q&A

  DataCAD is a professional-level A/E/C CADD program for architectural design, photo-realistic rendering, animation, and construction document creation. Developed by architects and software engineers for architecture, DataCAD includes tools that make design and drafting easier, such as automatic door and window insertion, associative dimensioning and hatching, automated 3D framing and OpenDWG®-based DXF/DWG translators.  DataCAD is listed as the second most-widely used software by registered architects according to the most recent American Institute of Architects (AIA) firm survey.

CADLine is the sole distributor of the dynamic software, DataCAD. The software is easy to use and enables the user three dimensional (3D) drawings with a switch of a button. As Architects, we have been working on this software in 3D since 1993. From housing to multi storey complexes, DataCAD has proved to be very valuable to our firm.

CADLine offers free On-line support to DataCAD users. One day training courses are presented for Beginners, Intermediate development, and 3D renderings. 3D modelling is taught from the Beginners course, which enables the user to produce elevations and perspective views of their designs.

o2c_Interactive! is a 3D viewing and presentation program for you and your clients. o2c_Interactive! allows you to explore design scenarios in 3D, on the fly using the highly-compressed, o2c format. Since the introduction of O2C (Object To See) Interface, which enables the user to present texture rendered models to their clients via the Internet, DataCAD has become an essential tool in the designer’s office.

DataCAD 19 Released in October 2016

    Mark Madura talks to CBC about the roller-coaster ride from the CADKEY days, the rise back, and the future of this popular design program...

DATACAD has been selected by readers of Architecture magazine to receive the 2004 Architect's Choice for Excellence Award.

    In the December 2000 issue of CADENCE, DataCAD Plus was selected as an Editors' Choice winner for continuing to be high-quality software produced in a very innovative way...